Tuesday, August 8, 2017


GO TO MY STORENVYPAGE! This blog is dead for the most part and I'm operating off of there now. Same email contact if you need me. Here's the link! Check that shit and my Facebook page for new releases and distro. Here's the link, cheers!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Distro update 4/11/17

3 new distro items from Acid Redux Productions now available for sale/trade!

Smelling Fetid Corpse -
 "Kill For Tradition" Pro Tape w/ pin
Realized/Compulsion To Kill - Split Pro Tape w/ pin
Misa Histerica/Eskizo -  Split Pro CDr

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Label update 4/6/17


Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Mincecore
40 copies

Hideous Creep
"Demo I"

Format: Tape
Genre: Grindcore/Crust
40 copies
*2017 Re-Issue*
Human Atrocity
"Era Of Destruction"
Format: CDr (Full disk print)
Genre: Goregrind
100 copies
Co-Released with Thoracopagus Records and Ill Faith Records, 33 copies from each label.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Label Update 4/1/17

God Pussy

Format: Tape
Genre: Harsh Noise
25 copies
Floridian Car Bomb
"Earth Killer Demo"

Format: Tape
Genre: Power Electronics
24 copies


Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Noisecore
50 copies
*Tape version available soon through me as well*

"13 Song Demo"

Format: Tape
Genre: Grindcore/Powerviolence
30 copies

Also as you may have all noticed I made the blog a bit easier to navigate. There are different pages for the different formats I release on, and a separate page for distro items which i've also organized via format. Another little thing worth mentioning is im thinking about  running a sale on all FBVP released CDrs and semi pro CDs because I need more room for tape releases. Again nothing set in stone but something im definitley thinking about. If I do decide to do that I will definitely make a post on my social media pages and on here about it so potentially look out for that.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Label Update 3/23/17

"Laboratory for Fecal Analysis"
Format: Tape
Genre: Goregrind
75 Copies
*Co-Released w/ Ill Faith Records*

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Label + Distro Update 3/22/17

Puntured Esophagus

"Collection of Vomits Part. 1"

Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Gorenoise
30 Copies
"5 Tracks"

Format: CDr
Genre: Harsh Noise
25 Copies

Extreme Smoke 57/Deflowered Cunt 
Format: Tape
Genre: Noisecore/Grindcore
40 Copies
*North American Edition*
Co-Released with Nuclear Alcoholocaust and AxRxL 

cunts/SPACEGRINDER/Penis Geyser - "3 Way Split" Tape
Sedem Minut Strachu/Napalm Death Is Dead - "Fuck Riffs!!" Pro CD **JAPANESE IMPORT**
Congenital Haemorrhoids/Napalm Death Is Dead - "Split EP" Pro CD w/ 7" Sized Art **JAPANESE IMPORT**

Monday, February 20, 2017

Label update 2/20/17


Format: Tape
Genre: Noisecore
20 copies

Cum Sock/ Cum Book
"Mortal Noise Kombat" Split

Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Noisecore/Noisegrind
40 copies
They Murder
"Disturbing Human Experiments" Full Length

Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Goregrind
50 copies
Money Hater/Natihil

Format: Semi Pro CD
Genre: Noisecore/Power Electronics
15 copies